About Company


ICOM Capital is an investment bank that provides services to the SME segment companies in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Russian Federation.

Our mission is to help the successful market player to become a leading one, to assist the small company to turn into a large one, to support the local business on its way to the European top-listed public company. In fact, ICOM is the provider of services at the capital market, where companies can find resources for their development.

ICOM’s main difference from other companies that provide investment banking services is the following: our team of the investment experts – all of whom are top-managers at the large companies -, and business communications specialists not only attracts resources for our client’s business development, but also works out an investment strategy aimed to maximise the client’s business value.

Thus we ensure a transition of the client company from the business in terms of goods and services, to the business in terms of company as an institution whose activities are resulted into capitalisation growth.

Our services include:

• Investment banking
• Stock placement on the WSE main market and NewConnect
• M & A consulting
• Fundraising consulting
• Business consulting

We focus on rapidly growing Ukrainian SMEs that operate in such sectors:

• Agriculture and processing
• Food producing
• Healthcare and pharmacy
• Retail
• IT technologies and communication
• Building materials producing
• FMCG producing

The range of investment solutions for our clients varies from stock placement on WSE main market or NewConnect alternative system to Private Equity and pre-IPO funding as well as finding strategic investor.

Our competitive advantages:

Our outstanding feature in approach to working on capital market as well as the main competitive advantage is that we do not just find and implement investment solutions. Having vast managerial experience, we understand and are able to organise and maintain all needed transformations within the company, which allow achieving highest company valuation and help to adapt for new working conditions.



ICOM Capital, LCC
Skovorody str., 6, office 2
Kiev 04070
Tel./fax: +38 (044) 425 97 03
e-mail: office@icom-capital.com.ua