About Project

Rating of investment signals of Ukraine – joint project of ICOM Capital investment company and PRT Communication group.

Rating goal is attraction of attention  to sharp problem of formation of the favorable investment climate in Ukraine and stimulation of authority, business and society regarding adequate solutions and activities in this direction.

Rating task is estimation and systematization of those events, activities and solutions, which are perceived by potential investors as signals “from” and “about” Ukraine and, consequently, influence on positioning of Ukraine for them.

Investment signal – information that has appeared in result of certain actions, events or public statements, and directly or indirectly influences the audiences that have a particular relation to the investment process and posess a competence to give evaluations and make decisions, forming the investment climate.

Rating is formed through the expert polls.

Rating is not represetative. Organizers of the project stress that the Rating is a lightweight indicator of public and expert opinion – opinion that is not representative, but nevertheless is an important indicator for a country that desperately needs to attract large-scale foreign investments on an ongoing basis.

Information about Rating and its results is public. Distribution and use of Rating data is obligatory with the reference to its source.


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