A Series of Business Breakfasts Are Carried Out within “Investments for the Ukrainian Enterprises” Meetings

Since January 2011 a series of “business breakfasts” took place in the large cities of Ukraine. These events were carried out by ICOM Capital and partner companies – PRT Communication Group, Baker Tilly Ukraine Audit Company, Asters Law Firm and also the Ukrainian officee of the Warsaw Stock Exchange – within the “Investments for the Ukrainian Enterprises” meetings. A series of business breakfasts is a sort of selection stage before the Investment Salon.

The business breakfasts were successfully held in Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhya, Donetsk, Odesa and Kherson and got a wide positive resonance.

At the business meetings investment opportunities of the European capital market and the Warsaw stock exchange as for attraction of investments into the capital of our Ukrainian companies are discussed, and also the “Investment Salon 2011″ event is presented . The “Investment Salon” gives to the Ukrainian companies an opportunity of direct communication with representatives of the European investment community – professional participants of the foreign market of the capital: investment funds, financial and investment consultants, the law and auditor firms, specialised PR agencies.

Business breakfast is an open event with a certain organised format of communication between the promising Ukrainian companies and the participants of the investment process. Such an intimate  format of the event intended for 20-25 participants allows to discuss quite narrow professional aspects that not always can be discussed effectively in a large conference hall. At the business breakfast the participants can get answers to questions that are of interest for them – concerning an investment process, opportunities and is risks of the experts directly involved in the process of foreign investments attraction.

Business breakfasts already proved themselves as the effective instrument of communications and are carried out in a format convenient for business people.

Duration: up to three hours (normally are carried out in the first half of day).

Invitees: top-managers, founders and owners of the companies.

Format of the event: The presentation given by the organisers and partners of a business breakfast with its subsequent discussion, Q&A session. The event is carried out in the informal atmosphere with interactive discussions. The participants of the event get a comprehensive information within the agreed agenda and have an opportunity to discuss the real situations connected with their business.

Agenda of the business breakfasts:

• detailed discussion on prospects and possibilities of attraction of the capital by the Ukrainian business for the next year;

• presentation of examples of successful attraction of capital by Ukrainian companies and effective exit of the domestic companies to the stock exchange platforms;

• review of the opportunities provided by the Warsaw Stock Exchange and its alternative New Connect platform;

• examination of the step-by-step plan of the transformations essential for the Ukrainian companies needed to enter the stock market;

• explanation of possible risks and broad opportunities for the public companies ;

•clarification of the expectations and-attitude of the European investors to the Ukrainian medium business, as well as the current investment trends, etc.


Yuriy Kostoglodov – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Avantazh Capital Investment Group (the authorised adviser of the WSE – the NewConnect and CATALYST platform).

Andrey Dubetsky – Executive Director of the Ukrainian office of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Yaroslav Khobta – President of the PRT Communication Group.

Dmitry Marichev – Legal Consultant of Asters Law Firm.

Alexander Pochkun – Managing Partner of the Baker Tilly Ukraine Audit Company.


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