Investment Salon

Investment Salon (IS) is a communication platform for the Ukrainian businessmen who want to develop and strengthen their businesses according to the international standards, and foreign investors who look for attractive and clear investment objects to work with inUkraine.

The IS project has started in 2011 as a joint initiative of Avantazh Capital Investment Group and PRT Communication Group in partnership with Asters Ukrainian Law Firm and the Baker Tilly Ukraine Audit Company with support of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. After the reorganisation of the Avantazh Capital, the IS project is included in the portfolio of the ІCOM Capital.

The IS project is a professional platform that offers the complete confidentiality and at the same time the desired publicity to its participants. Participation in the Investment Salon is the shortest and cheapest way to find real partners, assess potential investment objects, choose the optimal model to attract investments and get objective feedback from all participants of the investment process.

First of all, the IS project is oriented to sustainable “medium” and “medium plus” businesses with a market capitalisation of $ 7-10 millions – to so-called SME sector, the “second echelon” after large businesses.

The IS capabilities lie beyond the scope of the WSE proposals and cover all open investment opportunities of the USA, EU, China, Israel, Russia and other markets.

The IS mission is to accelerate the evolutionary integration of the Ukrainian economy into the global economic space according by the laws and rules of the international market.

The IS objective is to promote actively the capitalisation and competitiveness of the Ukrainian business, thanks to or in spite of features of the current situation in the Ukrainian economy.

The IS main task is to communicate with the world in one language and to use on maximum all of its opportunities to promote Ukrainian business interests on equal partnership terms.

10 good reasons to become a member of the Investment Salon:

  1. Your business meets international trends. Your production is in demand, and you believe the demand will increase.
  2. They invest in businesses like yours. We know who the investors are, why and on what terms they invest. With many of them, we are partners.
  3. You have a smoothly running business which is a result of many years of your family, partner and team relations. You would like to increase its capitalisation in 2-3 times in the next year or two. Or maybe more, and faster.
  4. You want to preserve, develop and promote your business and to reduce the existing inUkrainerisks.
  5. Your business has to deal with some of the “national peculiarities” and you think this is an insurmountable obstacle for investors? You are mistaken.
  6. You have your own estimates of your business value. Check out the estimates given by potential buyers of your business. Compare. After such an exercise you can enter and conduct any negotiations in more objective and rational way.
  7. At the IS, we give you the facilities to hold a private presentation \ Road Show to several investors – a kind of auction, where they will compete for the opportunity to make an investment in your business. Test this chance in the closed mode.
  8. The Salon is attended by all the participants – from consultants to investors – of the investment process, true professionals. These very people make decisions, and you’ll get personalised recommendations and advice exactly from them.
  9. We do not make money on ticket sales. We make money on the growth of your business ambitions, your capital and your personal comfort.
  10. We abandoned the bravado and milling the wind. The Investment Salon is a place for purely business communication. Communication on your business. This is our format.



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